Paul, Sarah, Jose, and Tatiana are trying to schedule a time to go to a movie. The movie theater shows the movie at 4:00, 6:30, and 9:00 Monday through Friday. Sarah has Yoga Tuesday and Thursday all night. Two people can only do a matinee (4:00) on a weekday. Sarah can do any day, but Friday and Wednesday. And— EEK!

Let me stop you there, because I’m sure this is the kind of problem you thought you were done with when you said farewell to elementary school. But organizing scheduling has become a real world problem.

That’s where LetsMeetAtJoes comes in. LMAJ is a Software as Service (a kind of host) that’s working to help you schedule a date, time, and location for your get-together. But we still need your help to solve that darn word problem. There’s some software for small groups and some for large, but we’re creating something to fit planning a tea party for two or a corporate training day for 300, and there’s some questions we have for you.

  • What collaborative scheduling needs do you have?
  • How can we improve the way you make appointments?
  • What features would make the process easier?

That’s why LetsMeetAtJoes is working on an Indiegogo campaign to get the opinions of people with this real world problem and the funding to produce the solution. This way LetsMeetAtJoes will have both the community involvement and means to launch a beta-version of the software 30 days after the campaign ends.
So recycle that piece of scrap paper you pulled out to start writing out those movie times and mess with the puzzle of Paul, Sarah, Jose, and Tatiana and instead click here. Once there look right and you’ll see the perks of helping to find the real world solution to this puzzler.

Have any further questions? Contact us.

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