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Whether or not you’re a skydiver you’ve probably read about 43-year-old Austrian Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking skydive from a capsule 128,100 feet above the Earth.  You probably already know that this 24-mile jump from the stratosphere meant he fell faster than the speed of sound, at 833.9 mph or Mach 1.24, and broke the sound barrier wearing only a space suit. And you’re probably chuckling to yourself about his choice of a landing site; where else but Roswell, New Mexico, a popular Earth destination for all our visitors from space.

This jump was not just a record breaker for Fearless Felix. It was also a data goldmine for NASA, who will use the data from the free fall to design new spacesuits for astronauts and additional escape options for anyone in the stratosphere.  But it wasn’t NASA who funded this record breaking jump.

Baumgartner had the support of NASA and his mentor, Colonel Joe Kittinger, who set the previous free fall record in 1960, but he got his funding from Red Bull.  American Public Media article “Red Bull sponsors record sky dive attempt”, states that “most mainstream brands wouldn’t touch an event like this with a 10 foot pole” but because the average Red Bull consumer identifies with extreme sports this was a great fit, both for Red Bull and for Baumgartner, who got better equipment and great publicity for his jump.

It’s hard to imagine how Baumgartner could have raised the needed funds and gotten the desired publicity without corporate sponsorship, unless you consider crowdfunding. If you have an idea for a great event or product, and can’t get the attention of a big company with deep pockets like Red Bull, you might do what LetsMeetAtJoes is doing.

LetsMeetAtJoes is a SaaS (Software as a Service) hosted solution that lets people collaboratively schedule a date, time and location for anything from a small get-together to a large corporate gathering, or even a record-breaking sky dive.  But LetsMeetAtJoes does not have a large corporate sponsor like Red Bull funding its development; instead development is being funded by individual people who believe in it.  Not two or three wealthy patrons; but thousands like you and me who believe this product is important and needed, and can each contribute an amount even as low as $5 or $10.  Because when you have enough people behind you, no one has to be wealthy to contribute; they just have to believe in you.

Crowdfunding makes it possible to get believers behind your product or event.

Our Indiegogo campaign is getting the word out there about LetsMeetAtJoes, and when its launched LetsMeetAtJoes will make it faster and easier to schedule an event as big as Baumgartner’s record-breaking sky dive so all the right corporate and media people attend.  Because without media buzz, even a record-breaking sky dive like Baumgartner’s might have gone largely unfunded and unnoticed, while a scheduled event that is funded and attended by the right people has the power to inspire a growing audience.

For more information about crowdfunding and LetsMeetAtJoes, please contact us.

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