Three Key Business Benefits Of Social Networking

If you’re a business owner who’s yet to realize the benefits of social networking for your company, you’re missing out. It’s no longer just a place for kids to hang out and communicate with their friends. Social media or social networking has captivated the business world and introduced owners and mangers to an entirely new way of connecting with customers.

Not sure if social media can help your company? Here are three key benefits of business social networking.

1. Less expensive advertising option. Count the cost of television, radio or print advertising. You’ll quickly discover that social networking is a cost-effective way to promote your product or service. It’s completely free to create a blog, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile or Facebook page. Invite customers to “like” or follow your feeds, provide useful updates, and you’ll eventually capture an audience.

2. Global exposure. If you wanted to advertise your company globally, you would have to purchase advertising in various markets. This is costly and time consuming. Stick with social networking and you can reach millions of customers with a few keystrokes. It’s fast, convenient and effective.

3. Customer support. Manage your social media page well and you’re able to address customer complaints and issues in a timely matter. Social networking fosters communication between owners and customers.

There are a plethora of social networking sites available; finding the one; or ones that will most help your business is worth the time it takes if you will commit to using them.

  • Pinterest – Let pictures tell a brands story
  • YouTube – Engage your audience with online video
  • Google+ – Make your business social, across the web
  • Instagram – Share your business with photographs
  • Foursquare – attract new visitors and engage with fans
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