So you’ve got a college reunion to plan. Fifteen of your once closest friends who have, since those good ole days, relocated to various parts of the United States now all want to get together…somewhere…some place. Seems like a very daunting task. Everyone has families, jobs and commitments that it seems very unlikely that a date and/or time will ever be found.

Collaborative scheduling is nothing new in the world of business when someone needs to plan a meeting. Someone sends an email with a few days and times for a company meeting, everyone types in their availability and the day that works for all, is the day for the meeting. But fifteen friends from across the country is a little different story.

With social networking sites friends are connecting more than ever and planning a get-together is easier with the right tools, unfortunately not everyone is always going to be connected on the same network.  Additionally you’ll find that these sites don’t usually have the tools to collaboratively schedule these types of get-togethers.

Using a Collaborative Scheduling Tool that can connect your group no matter what networks they utilize is the answer.  Everyone sees all the suggested dates and the various meeting places. Other places and dates can be easily added or changed as needed until the best option is found for your group.

If everyone wants to get-together it can happen with the right scheduling tool. Keeping everyone connected and in touch regarding the dates, the hotel or rental home, etc., the perfect time of year will be found and the perfect reunion will be had!


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