Scheduling A Get-Together… Together

We’ve all been there; you’re trying to plan a get-together with a handful of friends, co-workers or relatives. You’re the designated go between who has to juggle everyone’s schedules, preferences and whims. You’re finding a location that everyone can get to (and wants to come to), you’re calling and texting back and forth to verify the scheduling, and wracking your brain to make sure you remembered everyone and all the while just trying to stay sane. At this point in the scheduling process, you’re wondering, “why am I doing this again?”

Unfortunately, with all of the technological advancements available to us, all the social networks and plethora of web options how do you find the single solution that is flexible enough to work for a small group of 3 or your association of 500?

Introducing an all new platform called Let’sMeetAtJoes; it’s Simple, Collaborative Scheduling.
LMAJ is a cloud hosted service that will allow groups to schedule their get-together…together. Group members will all have access to the platform and they’ll be able to communicate with each other; making scheduling, picking a location and sharing necessary information easy. With advanced features like file sharing, picture uploads, news and event notifications, LMAJ is a completely scalable solution for both personal get-togethers and business meetings. You can always add new group members with ease and you won’t have to change anything within the platform as your group grows.

Our goal is to deliver scalable, simple, collaborative scheduling to anyone who’s ever pulled their hair out trying to do something as simple as plan a get-together.

But, in order to bring LMAJ to life, we need your help. We’re currently planning our beta launch and we need people like you, who see the immense potential of LMAJ and want to help make our collaboration dreams, a reality for all.

Contact us today and see why we’re changing the face of the get-together forever.

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