Time For The Big Holiday Get-Together?

It’s December, and it’s time to get the party started.  Your next get-together could be put together a lot more smoothly with LetsMeetAtJoes.  This is a SaaS (Software as a Service) or a “hosted” solution that can link up all your friends and family to let your holiday party come together seamlessly.

We all know how it goes.  You’re thinking to yourself how great it would be to get all the family together at your brother’s house (with the nice game room, big screen TV, etc.) maybe the weekend before Christmas.  So you call your mom who insists your gathering be at her house on Christmas day as to not upset tradition.  Then your aunt calls the next day complaining that no one ever wants to go to her house and she’s always the one traveling to everyone else.  So she wants to have a combined Christmas/New Year’s party at her place.  Three days and a migraine later, you’re still not sure when or where you’ll celebrate your holiday.

What if you could add all of your family and friends to a LetsMeetAtJoes group and collaboratively set up your date, time, and location?  Imagine the headache from which you could save yourself.  Not only would it make the actual scheduling a lot easier, but your “late for her own funeral” sister cannot give the excuse that she didn’t know what time Christmas dinner started.

As an added bonus, LetsMeetAtJoes has social networking features where everyone can share their Holiday photos, stories and comments even after everyone has gone back to their homes in separate towns or even states.  It’s social networking with your private group, not everyone that you and everyone else are connected to on Facebook.

It doesn’t have to be a one-time deal either, you can use your group to schedule birthdays and holidays throughout the year, and it’s easy to add new friends and family to the group at any time.

The Holidays are upon us, start your 2013 planning early.

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