If you’ve listened to streaming music online, chances are you’ve already experienced Internet radio.  While the concept of Internet radio has been around since the early to mid-90s, it’s only really taken off since broadband internet connections became more viable toward the start of the next decade.

Internet radio itself consists of audio transmissions that work much like terrestrial radio; however, instead of having a radio signal broadcast over analog channels, Internet radio broadcasts over the Internet, enabling the station to reach an infinite number of computers and other Internet-enabled devices.

Internet radio broadcasts feature many genres of music, arguably more than offered by traditional radio when you consider that most terrestrial radio stations also simulcast to the Internet.  If you’re looking for a specific genre of music, Internet radio is likely to have what you want to hear.

In fact, many Internet radio service hosts offer a multitude of different channels, continuously dedicated to different genres of music.  People no longer have to wait to hear the music they want over the radio.

As an example, some of the more popular Internet radio stations include indie stations like eoRadio.com as well as music services like Spotify, a music streaming service hosting popular and unknown music from various major and independent music labels.

In addition to specific genre channels a number of Internet radio services allow users to customize their listening experience, regulating their personal station to play their favorite artists, artists that are similar to their favorites and completely new music they’ve probably never heard before.

One of the first Internet radio services to allow users to build a station customized to their musical tastes was Pandora Radio.  Since then a number of other players have entered that market with some offering even more advanced features.

Today’s Internet radio stations incorporate both free and subscription-based user customization.  Take a little time, do a little research to find the solution that fits you best and it will definitely be worth your effort.

If you’re more interested in unsigned and indie music, check out eoRadio.com and discover new music.  If you prefer commercial music you have a ton of options, and can even hear top hits from all over the world, from yesterday and today.   In fact, Internet radio has opened newer and more international musical choices to listeners who have never been exposed to that music in the past

Here are a few options to get your search started

4 Internet Radio Stations

eoRadio – Unsigend & Indie Artists
soma.fm – Listener Supported, Commercial Free
RipRock Radio – Early FM Radio
Radio Paradise – Listener Supported

7 Music Services


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