Social Media, Unorthodox Opportunities And You

It’s the standard for online businesses to use social media outlets for announcements, news and other standard forms of public relations. But many of them do not fully understand the interactive nature of social media.

Whether you are a start-up, new tech or a well-established brick and mortar business, social media can be used to help grow your company in ways you might not have thought of before. The key is applying the right tools, techniques and methods to promote your business in a way that gets customers working for you.

We’d like to talk about some unorthodox methods you may not have considered, at least in regards to utilizing social media.


You may have heard of this technique of raising money for all sorts of projects. However, you can use your social media outlets to promote a crowdfunding effort for a new expansion, project or service to which your audience can directly contribute.

Naturally, you will have to offer some benefits in return, but if your business is looking at some form of expansion, then crowdfunding may be your answer and the customers you serve may be able to help. The benefits for successful crowdfunding are enormous in that it saves you money while strengthening the bond between your business and those who purchase from you.

A crowdfunding campaign is not just a good way to raise money; it’s a way to engage your audience through social media providing an interesting topic and content to help grow your business.

Internet Radio

I’m sorry did you say Internet radio?

It’s true this may not be a solution for every business, but integrating music is a good way to engage a younger audience, or an older one depending on the genre of music you choose.

An excellent example of this is Floyd’s Barbershop – “The Original Rock & Roll Barbershop”.  They are utilizing radio to bring in an audience to a business that is completely unrelated to music.

In setting up your own internet radio station you can choose to set it up as a commercial free engagement experience, or utilize it as a platform for announcements and/or commercials to help promote your business.

Sponsor a Hackathon

In creating a Hackathon you set a goal to create a usable piece of software or phone app that is tied into your overall business goals, is something fun like a game or even something that can be for the social good.  You’ll want to integrate a social media aspect to the software goal so that it can be tied into one or more social media networks.

You’ll utilize social media to promote the event, give updates while the event is happening and when it’s complete you can release the software and continue to benefit from its use.

There are a number of different ways to use social media to promote your business that you may not be taking advantage of. Take a little time to review how you are using this powerful medium and find ways to make the most from it.

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