Impacting Social Change Through Social Networking & Crowdfunding

As we pursue our own individual life goals it is safe to assume that most of us still care about the people around us, especially in challenging times.  When we hear about people in need whether it be personal tragedies or natural disasters, we want to lend a helping hand.

Often we’re motivated by causes, some local and others global.  Whether it’s bringing life-saving mosquito nets to Ghana or helping someone rebuild their life after a fire, when you’re motivated by something you want to make a difference.

It may be altruistic, it may be personal.  Whatever the motivation, when we feel a need to help, usually the first question that comes to mind is how?  What can we do to help?  Unless you can offer a specific skillset and have the time to pitch in, the best option in many cases is to offer financial support.

If you’re the one needing to organize that support however, how do you manage and raise a significant amount of funds to support your efforts?

Over the last few years technology has helped solve this problem with the advent of crowdfunding platforms.  You can now leverage the power of social media to build awareness about your cause, while utilizing the power and simplicity of crowdfunding platforms to manage the financial aspects.

There are over 500 crowdfunding platforms and here are a few you can safely use to ask for donations; Kickstarter, Indiegogo, goFundMe, JustGiving and getFunded.

It is very simple to set up a campaign on these sites, you create an account, describe the project, it’s goals and timeline and set up from rewards/perks that your supporters get in return for their donations.  If your cause is altruistic your rewards/perks can often be nothing more than a heart-felt thank you.

Keep in mind that while these crowdfunding sites are a great resource, they also need to make money and depending on the site you will be charged anywhere from 4% to 9% of the total funds collected.  There is also going to be additional fees if your supporters donate via their credit cards, this is the merchant fee that credit card companies charge businesses.

Whether you end up raising a few hundred dollars to help out a friend, or a hundred thousand to affect an entire community, it’s still impact funding through Social Networking and Crowdfunding.

It’s easier than ever for one person to make a difference, by involving a community.

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