Internet Radio: Perfect Avenue For Indie Artists

Starting in the mid-nineties, Internet radio has greatly changed the music scene and how music is delivered.  Instead of having to manually search for a song you may like, that may or may not be on when you are searching for it, Internet radio allows us to search for our favorite genres and find a station that accompanies our individual tastes.  It’s convenient, unique and with the number of choices available you can usually find one of good quality.

Aside from the benefits and appeal to the listeners, Internet radio has become a huge avenue for artists as well, and of particular appeal to indie and undiscovered artists.  Traditional terrestrial radio is not typically a place for new artists to be discovered.  Therefore, Internet radio has become a gateway for musicians to go from “unheard of”, to successful artists in the music business.

With the deregulation of terrestrial radio the decision of what mainstream stations play is decided by far fewer companies and their accompanying music directors.  While it can be argued that is both a good and bad thing, it does mean that if an artist is green-lighted for airplay they will get exposure across many more stations.  While it’s also true that relationships with record labels and radio promoters is still important to getting airplay, it’s also true that music directors look to Internet radio as an additional source for new music.

In 2013 you don’t have to rely on terrestrial radio, the Internet is continually evolving and breaking new talent all the time which also means that with the proliferation of Internet stations the DJ’s of those stations are always looking for new music to play.  Often times they’ll schedule live interviews with artist’s and their bands online, which is great exposure for any artist looking to make it big.

Bridge Ratings predicts that weekly internet music listeners will reach 77 million by the year 2015, which is a lot of people that could possibly listen to that new single by the band that no one’s heard of!

In addition to the exposure from people listening, successful Internet radio stations will utilize social networking, recommendation engines, listener ratings and reviews amongst other technologies to drive a social networking component that can easily expand your audience beyond the range of a user’s computer speakers.

An article from explains how it ties into internet radio:

“Social networking components on some sites allow members to build profiles, add friends, share favorites and discover new music through friend recommendations and by joining groups. The social networking aspect of Internet radio also provides artists a great way to connect directly with their fans by sharing their favorite music, building their own stations or adding unreleased tracks.”

There are multitudes of Internet radio options for indie and undiscovered artists.  All of these options can help get the artists’ music into the hands (and ears) of those who are responsible for making them successful, the listeners.  And if those listeners like what they hear, they’ll soon be fans who will draw in more fans.

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