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YouTube, Vimeo and a host of other user-driven video sites have certainly changed the game as far as delivering media to the world. However, given the sheer volume of videos uploaded and streamed to sites such as this, quality and length usually need to be sacrificed.  If you have worked and poured your soul into a film project, you very likely want the public presentation of your film, even for promotional purposes, to be its absolute best.  On top of this, you will want an online presence for your film that will match your vision and provide high quality video on the largest range of devices possible, given the importance of mobile media in the modern world.

This is where an online host with expertise in the Flash Media Server can come into play.  It’s perfect for establishing your online presence with your indie film project because presentation is crucial and it is very likely that you care about the quality of every frame of your work.  The Adobe Media Server family from Adobe  can deliver 1080p video, which is a must for pretty much any serious cinematic presentation.  When it comes to audience reach, it is important to remember just how important the iPhone and Android platforms are to the audience for independent film, as well as the new prevalence of tablets and internet-connected television.  The Flash Media Server is capable of maintaining high quality on all of these platforms.  It is capable of handling the load and requests of a large audience base while still maintaining a high level of presentation.

At eoMedia, we not only have expertise in delivering high-quality media within your budget, we also have experience working with independent film.  Let us help you establish an online presence that does justice to your work and helps you reach your audience.

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