Internet Radio: Opening Doors Of Opportunity For Indie Artists

The digital age that we all live in has dramatically changed the landscape of the music industry.  In days long past, you needed to have the resources provided by a major record label in order to get your music heard by the masses and have any real shot at making music as a full time paying gig.  This means that a lot of artists had to give up some of the creative control over the music they created in order to cater to the record label and the target audience they were attempting to reach.  Thanks to Internet radio this is simply no longer the case.

Thanks to all of the modern technology of the digital age, artists are now able to build home recording studios to make their music which they can then present to the masses through the use of internet radio stations that will actually stream their music into the homes of millions of potential listeners.  This enables the artist to retain full creative control over their music, allowing them to keep their art pure, while also establishing a fan base that could enable them to make real money off of their creativity.

One of the main reasons that Internet radio is providing so many great opportunities for artists is because these stations are tailor made for individuals who enjoy certain styles of music.  Someone who is looking for great blues music can find an Internet station that plays that particular style of blues, and while that station may play big name acts, they will also expose the listener to new and upcoming acts.  This means that artists with a particular style will not get lost in the shuffle and can guarantee that their music will reach the intended audience.

Another benefit of indie artists using Internet radio is that it is often much more cost effective.  A true Indie artist is usually on a tight budget and is looking to maximize advertising and exposure while minimizing costs.  Many big terrestrial radio stations are playlisted by corporations with a focus on the business aspect of the industry, not just the best music, which means that most indie artists will never get heard on those stations.  Streaming media online allows the artist to reach an audience that they might otherwise be unable to reach.

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