Your Start-Up Needs A Technical Advisor: Here’s Why

Tech start-ups need a technical advisor.  Even if you think you are the exception to the rule, take a moment to read on and then decide.

Developers (like everyone else on the planet) use the tools they know best and with which they are most comfortable.  However, those particular tools may not be the best ones to get your job done.  There may be other products that will help you reach your goals faster and help you avoid untold levels of pain.  Having someone there to look at the entire process in a strategic way is important.  A technical advisor will help “translate” for you, too.  It’s good policy to know the technical details so your investors feel reassured that you have your hands on all of the moving pieces that are necessary to achieve success.

Developers can be kind of a different breed, and the brutal truth is that you may not exactly speak their language.  A technical advisor can help keep communication channels open and avoid nasty misunderstandings.  Especially if your developers are outsourced, it’s absolutely imperative that you employ a friendly translator.

If your developer moves away or can’t continue working on your project for any reason, you may find yourself on a quest to discover passwords or source code.  That can be an infuriating and frightening waste of resources.  Your technical advisor will make sure that this line of communication remains open as well.

Lastly, a technical advisor will help you ask the right questions.  Sometimes tech start-ups get hyper focused on the next version and forget to consider the long view.  A technical advisor can help you make decisions that avoid wasting time and resources.  They have experience and that lets them see farther down the road than you.  For that reason alone, they are worth the investment.

For more information on how a technical advisor will help guide your start-up to the next level of success, please contact us.

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