Crowdfunding: Marketing Your Profile

The internet gives people worldwide access to ventures they may never have seen otherwise.  With a crowdfunding campaign you can expose your idea, product or cause to a broad audience who can in turn help you get your ideas off the ground.  In order to get people interested in what you are doing you’ll need to provide them with more details about how your business, product or cause works.  The following are a few marketing tips to get visitors to your crowdfunding campaign.

Link It

Initially you’ll want to link your campaign to the social networks you use most often.  If you are especially known in some way on the internet or even if you just follow friends and family, post your crowdfunding campaign to these places and see if those sources will help you to start spreading the word.  Use Twitter to tweet your excitement of the upcoming project as well as keeping people updated throughout your campaign.  Adding the link in Facebook is also a useful way to get the word out about your upcoming campaign.  If you have a blog, be sure to post a blog article about your project with a link back to your campaign.  There are virtually endless possibilities when it comes to places on the internet to get the word out, and the more of them you can utilize, the better chance you have of getting funded.

Plan Your Rewards Carefully

One key part of any crowdfunding campaign is the perk system, whereby you give some kind of reward for each different level of contribution.  Keeping these perks relevant and exciting will greatly increase your chances for donations.  For example, if your campaign is related to art you may want to give out mini sketches, paintings or graphic designs for certain contributions.  If your area is music you may want to give them sneak peeks of your songs or the full album depending on the donation amount.  Vary the awards from least to most depending on how much money your contributors give.  If your campaign doesn’t include a physical item you can use general schwag (t-shirts, stickers, etc.) that might interest the people funding your campaign.  You can also provide discounted or free access to your website or online service if applicable.

Be Innovative and Committed

People are actually interested in supporting good ideas, but you have to have a compelling story to stand out from the crowd.  Try to think about it from the other side, if someone was doing a campaign that you were only mildly interested in, what could they do to get you to support them and apply that to your own campaign.  Keep in mind that you are much more interested in what you’re doing than pretty much everyone else on the planet, but if you stick with it and keep plugging away you can make this a success.

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