What Makes A Great SaaS (Software as a Service) Site?

Creating a great site that draws visitors, makes sales and helps differentiate you from the competition can be difficult.  There are a lot of elements that go into creating a great SaaS (Software as a Service) site.  Here are 5 components that many great SaaS sites have in common.

Value Proposition is Visible

Make sure the value proposition is “above the fold” or in other words visible on the page without having to scroll down or search a secondary page.  This statement should tell visitors what your business does better than everyone else.  These statements are generally one sentence and again easily visible.

Include a Call to Action

It has been shown in many studies that a call to action or request to do something gets people to actively participate, and we’re not talking about a “buy now” type of call to action.  It could be a request to join a mailing list or get a free report.  It is important to try and capture the email or contact information of people who visit the site when they don’t make a purchase, these people are prospects and can then be contacted in the future with any promotions or special offers that may be of interest.  Once trust is built and a relationship established they may in time become a customer.

Pictures & Videos

Too much text on the page will make some people click away.  Be sure to include photos of the product so they can see what they are considering buying.  If you are selling software, be sure to include screen shots to highlight specific functionality that makes your software better than its competitors.

Videos are another visual way to communicate to customers and prospects.  Include a video demonstration or explanation of the product.  There are many people who prefer this method of communication to reading.  Be sure to keep videos concise and to the point.  You may need to make several videos addressing several different topics or functions.  This prevents people from getting frustrated when they get roped into a fifteen minute presentation for information about one small aspect of your product or service.  By having both pictures and video the website will appeal to a wider range of visitors.

Contact Information

Make it easy for prospects and customers to contact you.  Have the contact information easily available so they don’t have to hunt for it.  Prospects may want to ask questions and customers may have comments that will improve the product overall.

Give a Free Trial

This is a great way to make sales.  People want to ‘kick the tires’ before they make an investment.  Give a free trial for prospects to try the service before buying.  Generally two weeks to a month is enough time for a prospect to verify that the service is what they need.

For help with designing a winning SaaS website that implements these components contact us.

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