How Tech And The Internet Have Changed Unsigned And Indie Music

Ever since MP3 technology burst onto the scene in the very late 90s, enabling practical distribution of near CD-quality audio over the internet, it has been generally regarded that the music industry as we know it has been totally transformed.  The increases in speeds and bandwidth, of course, have made streaming audio and internet radio much more practical, and music videos are now intended to be big hits on YouTube rather than on any television network.  What this means is that independent and unsigned artists can gain a sizable following before they even talk to a label or get a contract.

A few decades ago independent music not only implied music that was not on a major label, but also that it depended on a network of locally owned record shops with employees that loved to chat about bands, college radio, smoky dive bars and cheaply Xeroxed band posters and fliers hung up around town.  While vestiges of this certainly exist today, the networks that up-and-coming bands use to get ahead now are mainly virtual ones. That raises an important consideration, as Alternet states:

“These developments have brought about a paradox: indie music still thrives on elitist hipster sensibilities, yet at the same time the actual music is more democratically available than ever.”

However, the live, face-to-face, fan driven nature of indie still persists in the fact that touring is more important than ever:

“As sales of recorded music have declined, the profitability of live performances has risen with increasing ticket sales, ticket prices and numbers of bands on tour.  The result? Emerging bands must demonstrate a relentless commitment to touring (and attracting fans to shows via social networking sites) in order to capture the attention of a respected indie label.”

No matter what the era, independent music artists have always had to work relentlessly and embrace every tool available to them to make a living out of their passion.  This is why eoRadio has been helping unsigned and indie artists through streaming media ever since 2003.  Contact us to learn more.

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