Unsigned And Indie Music Finds Its Audience With Internet Radio

Whether you’re an aspiring musician looking for your big break or an established indie band trying to locate your niche, the advent of internet radio may be able to help you achieve your goal.  There are a number of online radio providers that have exposed listeners to a wider variety of music than ever before, giving previously unknown or low circulation artists new levels of exposure.  Instead of hoping to be able to finally produce that radio friendly hit to vault you to mainstream circulation on traditional radio stations, you and your band can present your music to a more targeted audience known to appreciate which ever genre you play.

It doesn’t matter whether your music fits in with mainstream pop or if it has a more anti-establishment underground rap feel, online radio is a great tool for reaching prospective fans.

Approximately 80 percent of Americans have access to the internet, and according to the Pew Internet Research Center, 95 percent of teenagers use the internet.  Teenagers are the greatest consumers of new music among all age demographic groups, and this trend signifies the increasing prevalence of the internet in all aspects of society.  In fact, one marketing group found that internet radio is on pace to surpass traditional radio in the very near future.

Indie Artists are known for the value they place on the integrity of their music and the purity of their vision when that vision doesn’t fit that of the mainstream public.  Unfortunately for those bands outside the mainstream, it has been quite difficult in the past to realize the level of exposure most bands desire.  At eoRadio, we value your independence as a musician just as we value our own independence as a company.  We are passionate about indie music and believe we have the tools to connect your music with its audience through our technological expertise.

Since we created eoRadio in 2003, we have seen the market for online radio grow exponentially.  Help us help your band meet its potential through the use of this rapidly growing medium.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today.

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