Working Collaboratively & Scheduling Time Effectively Are Critical To Business Success

The words for collaborative and scheduling arose from Latin and French terms from about 1865 and meant work together.  Ever since then, from telephones to teletype to today’s internet, people have been trying to make working together work better.

In many ways working together has gotten harder as communication speed and information transfer has accelerated.  There are so many new devices, software advances and levels of training necessary to keep employees up to speed that scheduling and collaboration can become a time consuming nightmare.

If you’re still using group E-mails to try to coordinate the schedules of more than three people for a meeting you know how difficult it can be.  IM, voice mail and smart phone e-mail while helpful have rapidly become outdated.  Your E-mails come by the dozens, incoming calls are increasing and your need to be in touch quickly is more important than ever.

This incoming deluge of information has sparked innovation and new software is helping to resolve your problems list with smartphone and tablet apps, SaaS solutions and a move to open communication between your different solutions.  Of course this means that you now have to wade through the plethora of choices to find the solution that works best for you which is its own hurdle.

That said if you compare how much easier it is today to do things compared to even just a few years ago it’s an amazing transition.  Not sure what we mean, consider these relatively common issues:  implementing a company intranet, collaborating on work documents with employees in multiple office locations and/or in the field or rapidly distributing critical information.

With tools such as Sharepoint you can launch an intranet with the click of a button, with Google Apps your team can easily connect and get work done from anywhere and on practically any device.

If you’re not going to fall behind or add another section to your executive job description, you will need support to help you make the right choices for your needs and scale for your business size, focus employee training and implement your best options for effective collaborative scheduling.

So, before another team meeting, group training, process update or collaborative design or implementation problem comes up, take a good look at what you need to know and who can help.  Compatible system architecture, scalability for current and future needs, ease of use and ease of adaptation are things you need to understand and utilize effectively.  Otherwise you will waste time and money and get poor results.

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