Indie Music: The New Government Export

Streaming your music online has one clear advantage that no indie band should ignore: international exposure, especially in Japan.  Yes we said Japan.

Apparently, even the politicians in Washington D.C. want your music to flourish beyond our borders.  The latest U.S. government export is not automobiles, computer chips or food products.  It is indie rock.  According to a recent story that is spreading rapidly across news outlets, U.S. government officials organized trade trips to Asia and Brazil for the executives of twelve independent record labels.  The labels found significant demand for their products, and they immediately made plans to expand their presence in those countries.

Countries like Japan have a ravenous appetite for American indie rock.  Their active consumption of music has reduced America’s share of the global market from 38% in 1990 to 22% presently.  In fact, Japan is now the leading consumer of all music sales in the world, according to Japan Music Marketing.

Globalizing your band’s website (or “localizing” it for foreign markets) can help ensure your foreign listeners can connect with your music, especially if you tailor it to a specific market like Japan.  You can find some great tips and resources here on how to design your website for Japanese culture.  As BandMark noted, Japan is only the size of California, but it has a population of 127 million people, and they have become quite adept with online technology.  MIXI, their largest social media site, rivals Facebook in size and complexity.

If you are considering expanding your band’s web presence beyond U.S. borders, we can help as we understand not only streaming media & web design, we also love indie music and have been running the internet radio station since 2003.  Contact us and let us know how we can help take your music to a global level.

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