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So you’ve got a great service to offer and you’ve gotten yourself online, what’s the next step?  Well a good place to start is to establish good principles of social networking, which is especially true if you’re an exclusively online business.  You need to get the word out to others who might be interested in your services and social networking is a great tool.

Here are a few tips to ensure your social networking success.

1. Make sure you know the rules.  Social networking sites have hard rules, for instance don’t post any inappropriate pictures such as those containing nudity.  There are also some soft rules, for instance, don’t type everything in upper case as it gives the impression of yelling.  Hard rules are established by the social networking website itself so be sure to familiarize yourself with those rules as you join each site.  The soft rules are established by the community so when you join a site be sure to look around and see how others conduct themselves.  The bottom line: you want to know and follow both sets of rules, otherwise you could find yourself being ostracized.

2. Develop an attractive profile.  On a social networking site like LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to “wow” potential clients by putting together a pretty awesome profile.  Take the extra time necessary to make your profile look great.  Make sure you include a professional looking picture of yourself.  Also, don’t neglect to use Search Engine Optimization or SEO tactics on your LinkedIn profile page.

3. Serve others.  As with networking in the real world, so it is with networking online.  Take time to pay it forward.  Do what you can to help others (who are not competitors) find clients or find a job.  You’ll find that what goes around also comes around in cyberspace just like in the physical world.

4. You may not always be online.  If you are successful in the social networking realm this could lead to some face to face meetings.  Should this happen don’t forget the principles of old school networking which include not neglecting basic dress standards and hygiene just because you’re a social networker.  Your highest probability of success will come from utilizing both forms of networking effectively.

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