For developers working on production-level, web-facing ColdFusion 10 applications, it is essential to follow the tips and techniques in Adobe’s ColdFusion 10 lockdown guide.  While security concerns often vary according to the criticality of the application, there is no such thing as a system that is “too secure.”  Anyone administrating or developing on the ColdFusion 10 platform should be familiar with all of the potential points of attack.

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Today, startups have the advantage of being able to use social networking in an effective way without making some of the early mistakes made by others.

A great advanced social networking strategy for startups would include the following:

The Pitch- Businesses are using the social networks as a marketing avenue just like many of their other marketing avenues.  However, audiences are not the same across all social networks, therefore, the pitch given to viewers on one social network may have to be tailored a bit differently for another network.  The demographics of the site might justify changing the message, because there is always the chance that what passes as perfectly acceptable on one social network could be seen as spam on another.

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At the recent World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced that it is entering the music streaming space with iTunes Radio.  Though it already has a lucrative business with iTunes, it is a natural move as Apple will be targeting casual listeners who are likely to stream through its mobile devices.  It is also suspected that the service will be implemented in a way as to drive sales on iTunes.

What the announcement also happens to signal, however, is a disruption in the internet radio industry, one that has reignited the debate over artist royalties.  With another prominent tech player in the mix, the subject is even gaining the attention of world-famous music artists.

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Facebook’s Graph Search gained quite a bit of press during its public beta.  It was announced by the company with a great deal of enthusiasm.  Perhaps this was due to the fact that if it can make an impact on internet search via social networking, it can remain the target of roughly 1 in 4 page requests on the internet.

Facebook has reiterated that Graph Search is meant to be disruptive but does not stand to replace the major search engines.  However, much like the Open Graph capabilities that it shared several years ago, it is allowing the wider business world to leverage the valuable connections contained in its vast network.

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