Today, startups have the advantage of being able to use social networking in an effective way without making some of the early mistakes made by others.

A great advanced social networking strategy for startups would include the following:

The Pitch- Businesses are using the social networks as a marketing avenue just like many of their other marketing avenues.  However, audiences are not the same across all social networks, therefore, the pitch given to viewers on one social network may have to be tailored a bit differently for another network.  The demographics of the site might justify changing the message, because there is always the chance that what passes as perfectly acceptable on one social network could be seen as spam on another.

Connect Online and Offline Advertising- Tying your online marketing campaigns together with your offline ones makes a lot of sense.  When someone sees an offline advertisement of yours, they should also see a “follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Etc.” message to go with it.  In this way, they can find out where they need to go on those social networks if they want more information about your company and products or services.

Create a Contest/Giveaway- In some ways you have to be an entertainer with your social network profiles.  It is not enough to just be there and wait for customers to come flooding in to see what is going on, but rather, you have to entice them to do so.  Having frequent contests or giveaways that require interaction with your brand is a good way to get people to come to your social networks.

Following these easy techniques as part of your Social Networking strategy can help you stand a better chance of reaching a greater number of customers and be more successful in your marketing efforts in general.

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