There is not a day that goes by where some business does not make a mistake in their social networking efforts.  Granted, this is new and uncharted territory for all of us, but there are a few common mistakes that should always be avoided.

1. Emphasizing Internal Interests

People who like a company’s page on Facebook or follow it on Twitter are not likely looking for the latest corporate updates, changes to company policy and all other manner of internal workings.  Rather, they want to have a more engaging and rewarding experience with the brand that they already like.

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Modern startups must often go mobile.  They also benefit from seeking minimum viable products (MVP) that can get to market quickly and immediately create value for customers.  However, in the rush to get to market, it is very easy to ignore performance issues.

An application that works well in a test environment may grind to a halt if a user has been running it for a while.  In order to avoid user performance complaints down the road, a mobile startup should pay attention to the following topics.

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There are many businesses out there that tend to over complicate social networking and burn out quickly.  They join too many networks or try to post at all hours to gain maximum attention.  The problem is this just doesn’t work, especially if you don’t have a dedicated social marketing team in place.  Social networking is supposed to be fun and easy, but if you don’t do it right, you will feel overwhelmed in no time.

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