There is not a day that goes by where some business does not make a mistake in their social networking efforts.  Granted, this is new and uncharted territory for all of us, but there are a few common mistakes that should always be avoided.

1. Emphasizing Internal Interests

People who like a company’s page on Facebook or follow it on Twitter are not likely looking for the latest corporate updates, changes to company policy and all other manner of internal workings.  Rather, they want to have a more engaging and rewarding experience with the brand that they already like.

2. Failing To Engage The Right Way

Pound it into your head right now, engage, engage, engage.  This is what it is all about when it comes to social media efforts.  Just posting status updates is not enough, although it is something that you should do, but you also have to be responding to those who take the time to reply to such updates.

3. Not Knowing Your Target Audience

There are some companies whose primary audience is not known for spending much time on social networks.  This is just a fact and those companies should realize that perhaps social media efforts are not as important for them as some other branding efforts might be. says, “if your target market is not using social media, why would you?’  There is no point in building a social media presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tout, or YouTube if your customers are not using it.  It all depends on the audience being targeted, so a little research goes a long way.

4. Not Making It Personal

Don’t be such a suit when it comes to talking with customers online. The idea of social networking is that it gives a company the chance to show some personality.  This allows you’re your customers to have a more personal experience which may lead to some brand loyalty that may not be achieved through standard mainstream advertising.

5. Not Being Patient

Not every business generates a huge following right away.  For most, it will take at least six months to see any rewards from their efforts at all.  Try not to stress it and stick with it.  Being patient and waiting for the customers to come to you is a true sign of someone who understands how the game is played.

The bottom line is social media allows you to connect with your audience in a way that has never been possible before.  Have fun with it and keep posting and building your following with that personal touch only you can provide.

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