Apps created for smartphones and tablets continue to make our lives easier and more interesting.  They let us share and connect with friends and family as well as those that we may not even know.  Now, they are helping university students and others connect over their half-eaten food.

It has always been common knowledge that the vast majority of college students do not have a lot of extra spending money to throw around.  Rather, they are known for rummaging for free food just about anywhere that they can find it.  Now, with LeftoverSwap they can meet with others who are in the same boat.  Sharing and trading leftovers may help them find food when they are low on funds as well as adding a little variety to their meals.

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College can really pack on the pounds!  The Freshman Fifteen isn’t just a myth – it happens between studying and eating on campus, which doesn’t always offer the healthiest choices.  It’s hard enough keeping track of all the homework – a little help tracking eating and exercise is always nice.

Calorie Count

Start with Calorie Count – the website that helps users track both calories and exercise.  Users get to set up age, weight, gender and current weight goals to receive a ballpark idea of proper daily caloric intake. 

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Deep in the heart of Greensboro, North Carolina, there is a neighborhood called Glenwood.  And in this neighborhood, scattered throughout various houses and apartments, is a community of friends who play music together.  They call themselves The Collection, and can range from eight members to fifteen on any given day, depending on who’s available.  Founder of the band David Wimbish leads the group with vocals and guitar, providing a framework for strings, brass, percussion and anything else to come around.  Wimbish and his wife, Mira, have worked hard to make this band as open and inviting as possible, and as a result, The Collection has friends and fans involved all over the country and spreading quickly into a worldwide community.

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Rather than relying on traditional methods of funding your business, you may want to look into the possibilities presented by crowdfunding.  There are a number of reasons why this may be right for your business and we’ve listed five of them below.

1. Free Yourself From Banks

Banks are not always the warm friendly organization they want to present, nor are they that free with loaning out their funds.  They want to make sure that the companies they give their money to will be able to pay them back.  Crazy!

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We no longer live in a world graced by gentlemen callers at our doorsteps or rocks thrown at our window.  Instead, we may hear that ever so familiar tone that accompanies a much anticipated notification.  It may be a reply to a text message or a response to a Facebook comment.  But even more recently, it may be a notification of a Tinder match, or possibly even a new review on LuLu.

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According to investor Bitna Brown, the world misses out on all the promise that it may see if half of its population – women – is “under-utilized” in the tech startup sphere.  Women are major consumers and the absence of their leadership or input in the space of innovation means that many great ideas will never see the light of day.

Brown also emphasizes the need to target business that “utilizes technology to disrupt an ongoing problem that is scalable and has the capacity to generate massive revenue and employ thousands of people.”  This is why Brown is leveraging her resources, non-profit fundraising ability and mentorship experience to help launch female-owned startups.

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