Social Networking And Relationships- The ‘LuLu’ And ‘Tinder’ Revolution

We no longer live in a world graced by gentlemen callers at our doorsteps or rocks thrown at our window.  Instead, we may hear that ever so familiar tone that accompanies a much anticipated notification.  It may be a reply to a text message or a response to a Facebook comment.  But even more recently, it may be a notification of a Tinder match, or possibly even a new review on LuLu.

Now for those who have not heard, the concept of Tinder is actually very simple.  The application searches your area, looking for other individuals both male and female, who are currently also signed up with the app.  If you think a certain person is physically attractive, you select their picture.  As that person goes through their own database, if they also find you attractive and select your picture, then a match is made!

Once a successful Tinder Match has been established, the possibilities are endless!  You can continue a conversation via Tinder and then you may exchange phone numbers, Facebook profiles and many more.  Tinder is a fun new up and coming way where more and more young people are meeting potential mates.

Now on a bit more controversial note, the ‘Lulu’ app allows female users a chance to both rate and review men that they may know via their Facebook friends list.  Female users can log into the app, search for any male as long as he is one of her current facebook friends, and rate him as either a former “Hook-Up”, an “Ex-Boyfriend”, a “Friend”, a “Crush”, “Together” or “Relative”.  The user will answer a series of questions concerning the subject and then will proceed to highlight their “best” and “worst” attributes.  These range from one of the worst, “ManSlut” to one of the best, “BelievesInLove”.

Now while this application is both entertaining and seriously addicting for many female users, it addresses many issues concerning the world of tech bullying, as well as more general issues of gender divisions and sexism.  Say for example if a similar application were made to rate women without their consent?  This would be sure to cause serious outrage, so then why is there no outrage over this being done to men?

Finally, it is also important to consider the biased opinions that accompany the posts made on the LuLu application.  Is it fair to base your current opinion on someone simply from how another person rated them?  Absolutely not!  However, the sad truth remains that many women will certainly be influenced by a man’s rating and reviews and may discourage them from pursuing a potential relationship.

While the expansion of technology and development of new dating oriented applications has allowed singles everywhere a chance to take their hunt to a whole new level, we must ask ourselves if this is necessarily for the better.  Certainly these applications are entertaining, which is absolutely fine as long as its user base understands that, however it’s when users take an app that is meant for entertainment purposes and rely on it for love advice that we may start to see some real issues.

In conclusion, in an expanding dating world where up and coming applications can be fun, don’t underestimate the value of an old fashioned face to face conversation.

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