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Deep in the heart of Greensboro, North Carolina, there is a neighborhood called Glenwood.  And in this neighborhood, scattered throughout various houses and apartments, is a community of friends who play music together.  They call themselves The Collection, and can range from eight members to fifteen on any given day, depending on who’s available.  Founder of the band David Wimbish leads the group with vocals and guitar, providing a framework for strings, brass, percussion and anything else to come around.  Wimbish and his wife, Mira, have worked hard to make this band as open and inviting as possible, and as a result, The Collection has friends and fans involved all over the country and spreading quickly into a worldwide community.

It has been two years since the band last released an album.  Since then, they have toured the states, built exponentially upon their fan base and experienced the ups and downs of life together.  The Collection has come to a place where it’s time for a new album.  The band has matured, new songs have come together and the growing audience is ready.  So in the summer of 2013, they announced a new release to come, entitled Ars Moriendi, and the crowdfunding commenced.

The band went with Kickstarter to raise $16,000 in hopes of not only recording a full-length album, but also releasing a documentary of the 2-month long recording experience.  David decided, in keeping with his vision for the band, to make this album a community effort.  That meant a lot of people and a lot of places.  The project would not take place in a stuffy, secluded studio.  Instead, the core members and their engineer, Ed Kerr, would travel the region (Tennessee, Virginia and the Carolinas) to work with friends and fellow-musicians in beautiful settings such as cabins, farm houses, beach houses and churches.  They would use inspiring people and inspiring places, all for the sake of an inspiring album.  But this requires time and money.  David and his friends knew where to turn for support, and the crowd, so to speak, came through for them.

The Collection is a picture-perfect example of crowdfunding legitimacy.  They are, musically, an amazing band, but their following has come from so much more than a catchy tune.  Fans gather in droves because the band has broken that fourth wall and invested in their listeners.  They’ve toured, given away their music for free and spent quality time with people.  They have put their all into this experience, so the audience is ready and willing to give back however they can to show love and support and keep the experience going.  It is truly a community, a collection of friends and family with music at the center of it all.

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