College can really pack on the pounds!  The Freshman Fifteen isn’t just a myth – it happens between studying and eating on campus, which doesn’t always offer the healthiest choices.  It’s hard enough keeping track of all the homework – a little help tracking eating and exercise is always nice.

Calorie Count

Start with Calorie Count – the website that helps users track both calories and exercise.  Users get to set up age, weight, gender and current weight goals to receive a ballpark idea of proper daily caloric intake.  From there, users enter intake from the crowdsourced 250,000 list of food items.  Foods range from simple to complex, such as “a banana” to “Dunkin Donuts Coffee Cream and Sugar”.  This site has also taken care of the fact that most people do not make only “1/2 cup of white rice” or “5 oz chicken”, as suggested by most recipes.  Calorie Count also allows users to input any recipe and analyze the calories in each individual ingredient.  Finally, Calorie Count allows a user to track activity and will estimate how many calories are burned with that activity.


The RunKeeper website doubles as an app and will keep track of every mile walked, run, hiked or biked.  This site will fill in where Calorie Count leaves off by letting users know how much they move.  The app tracks distance, speed and elevation.  When the workout is over, the app will sync with the website or the users can input those and other activities manually.  This is a great site for college students who need to walk across campus because the tracker will help monitor the workout.

The app also allows users to input audio cues to serve as reminders to change pace or style of workout at a specific time.  This means that the walk to class can be less vigorous than the walk home.  The stats can be shared on social media, miles per hour can be recorded and workout routes can be plotted.

Staying fit in college is certainly a challenge, however, with today’s technology it may get a little easier.  Use these websites together for the best health and fitness advantages.

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