Starving University Student? Try LeftoverSwap

Apps created for smartphones and tablets continue to make our lives easier and more interesting.  They let us share and connect with friends and family as well as those that we may not even know.  Now, they are helping university students and others connect over their half-eaten food.

It has always been common knowledge that the vast majority of college students do not have a lot of extra spending money to throw around.  Rather, they are known for rummaging for free food just about anywhere that they can find it.  Now, with LeftoverSwap they can meet with others who are in the same boat.  Sharing and trading leftovers may help them find food when they are low on funds as well as adding a little variety to their meals.

According to an ABC News story on this app,

By enabling strangers to share their leftover pasta — “still warm!” — and trade Poptarts for orange juice, LeftoverSwap promises to help eliminate waste.  Last year, the National Resources Defense Council found that 40 percent of food in the U.S. goes to waste every year.

This is an alarming number to be sure so anything to help reduce that percentage is surely welcome.  So how cool is that?  People are helping each other out while trying to reduce and eliminate the food that is wasted.  Remember, there are plenty of people all throughout the world that could use the food that we often so thoughtlessly throw away.  With this app, the problem is reduced in some small way.

Users report that their biggest concern with the app is the condition of the food that they are venturing out to get.  This is also a major concern of the app makers themselves.  They don’t want people sharing food with one another that may make another person sick.  However, many of the food trades that are going on via the app are going down without any problems.

It is an interesting trend that could end up sweeping up university campuses as hungry students start to see the benefits of these kinds of trends in the app world.

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