3 Must Have Apps For College

College is often shown as a place where people go to party and have a good time, but we all know there is way more to it than that.  While partying certainly does occur, there is a lot of studying and stress that happens as well.  In order to survive college, you may want to check out some apps to help make it a little easier to get through.

1. iStudiezPro- This is a great app when it comes to scheduling.  Oftentimes, students may have a wide array of things that they have going on in a given week.  If they are hoping to keep up with it all, it is necessary for them to have a way to accurately track things.  This application can make that happen.  Busy college schedules are no problem when this app is tracking it all.

2. Evernote- This is one of the best free apps available to college students.  Using this app, students can keep track of all of the various things going on in their minds all at once.  Plus, it is all at their fingertips.  Evernote allows for the creation and storage of notes that can even include pictures, videos, and more.

3. EasyBib- One of the least favorite things to do for college students writing a paper is the bibliography.  To them, the work is done when the last word of the paper is written, and having to add the Bibliography to the end of it probably feels like torture.  Thus, EasyBib is a great app for getting this part of the paper done.  It allows the ISBN code of the book to be scanned and turns it into a correctly done bibliographic entry just like that.  It saves time and makes things a lot easier on the student.

These are just three apps we’ve found to make life a little more bearable through college, however, with technology always advancing, college life is sure to get more and more manageable in the future.

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