DVD Replication Service Helps Unsigned And Indie Music

When a musician wants to use a DVD replication service it’s important that they know what it means.  Replicated discs are made by having data put into the surface of the disc, which is usually referred to as burning a disc.  The data is embedded into the disc by burning extremely small holes in the dye layer of a DVD designed for recording.  This is what is used for major commercial musical releases but also for unsigned and indie music releases.

Prior to beginning the replication process a client’s master is closely examined for any signs of data corruption.  A glass master with all the important data from the client’s master is then created.  The replication process starts when a glass master, that is free of flaws, is used to create a stamper.  This stamper is then inserted into an injection molding machine.

The DVD replicates are then produced.  The quality of the replication is dependent upon the flawlessness of the glass master’s data.  During each part of the process, the quality and precision of the DVD replicates is carefully managed.  The goal is to create a precise copy of the original DVD glass master.  At the end of the process a fine layer of aluminum is put directly onto the polycarbonate disc.  It then receives a coating of lacquer for the best possible protection.  The final stage is the printing and packaging of the discs.

Today, musicians who need to have a large number of discs frequently utilize DVD replication services.  Its popularity is based on the ability to meet huge orders quickly and efficiently.  An important feature is how it can provide the musician with samples, which can be provided to the media prior to the entire product run being released to the public.

DVD replication has become very popular with musicians who want to sell their music without the help of a recording label.  It can produce high quality results on the same level as those sold by the major record labels.  Once the DVD units are produced they can be sold with thermal print labels, screen printing as well as with high quality offset printing.

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