The Starving And Poor College Student’s Option

Going to college isn’t free and it certainly doesn’t allow for much time to cook.  The stereotypical poor starving student is definitely more than a stereotype and with that comes learning how to be frugal.

Luckily, there is a great website out there which allows college students to use what they have on hand to make a meal nearly every night.  The site called is useful and fun – and it helps put money back into the ever-tightening college budget.

The students begin by simply going to the site and using the “Quick Kitchen” on the front page.  After checking off all of the ingredients on hand, the site will give them recipes they can create using only what they currently have.

If the students have more than the basics, they can proceed to the “Detailed Kitchen”, which offers more ingredient variety.  The student has the freedom to log on to the site, save recipes, read the blog and submit recipes.

When students use the site, the recipes will follow the ingredients as closely as possible.  If ingredients are missing, the site will provide suggestions regarding what is missing.

Finally, students can choose to sign up for ZipList.  The ZipList allows for meal planning, grocery deals and personalized grocery lists.  A simple zip code will return the local grocery stores as well as the sales at each of those stores.  College students can pick the closest store then shop before they even leave the house.

Users can also create a grocery list then choose from a list of stores to find the best deals.  Filters allow for further customization of lists, recipes and ingredients.  The site is a one-stop for the student who is lost in the kitchen and in the grocery store.

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