A Live Show Report Of Indie Rock Band Easter Teeth

If you enjoy discovering new music that isn’t found on the main roads of pop commercialism, whether that be unsigned and indie or signed but underrated and ignored by major labels you might enjoy Easter Teeth.  This band is one of the most talented indie rock bands in California today consisting of loud creative rock with a strong groove and some vintage Motown funk/soul thrown in for good measure.

A recent live show at Whiskey Richards in Santa Barbara, CA, put on by the nationally popular Noise Festival, which has been expanding to new festival spots on the West Coast, demonstrated why Easter Teeth is a band unlike any other on the scene.

Their instrumentation includes a musician who plays bass, Casio keyboard and sings (all at the same time at some points), an amazing drummer (who also sings) and, occasionally, a trumpet player and a trombonist.  Yep, that’s right, there are no guitars or high-end Roland synths or samplers: just a rhythm and a horn section.

It helps, however, that their bass rig sounds like a T-Rex growling, thanks to its monstrous low frequency range and effect pedals that shook everyone in the venue.  They play head-nodding beats and monstrous bass riffs that are packed tightly within well-crafted song structures, melodic vocals mixed with some good ol’ rock and roll screaming and horn parts that remind the listener of James Brown.  It’s as if a loud raucous indie rock band joined forces with the Godfather of Soul himself.

You can listen to their latest streaming releases and buy their music here.

You never know where that next great sound is going to come from, so if you love music it’s worth it to take the time and check out the local bands in your area.

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