Things To Consider When Trying To Find The Right College

For some college students, the dream of their perfect college and their actual college experience do not match.  If you are one of those students who has found your dream of school and your actual experience are not jiving, perhaps it is time to consider a different college.  Whether you are looking to start college or you are considering transferring schools, finding the right school is about figuring out what you want out of the college experience.

What college holds the record of 109 NCAA championships?  What school is home to athletes who have won 110 Olympic gold medals, 64 Olympic silver medals and 56 bronze medals in the Olympics, more medals than many countries?  What school was home to such athletic greats as Jackie Robinson, Troy Aikman, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?  If you know the answer to these questions, perhaps UCLA , the school with these statistics, or another school which is highly successful athletically is right for you.

If you are the sort of student who wants an academic challenge, Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Princeton and Yale are often considered among the most vigorous academically.  Of course, many schools are a combination of academic and athletic success.  Those might be right for you if you are a student who loves to watch sports but also who takes academics seriously.

If school is not about athletics or academic prestige for you, you might want to go to a school which offers a unique major.  Sure, you could be an English major, a History major or study Biology like all your friends, but if college is not making you feel fulfilled, maybe it is because you haven’t found the right major.  Because you are unique, you might want to consider a degree like Theme Park EngineeringPopular CultureTurfgrass Science or another unique college degree.

Maybe for you college is about going to school with a specific reputation.  Princeton Review puts out an annual ranking of colleges in categories like Best College Library, Most Beautiful Campus, Most Politically Active Students, Party Schools, Stone-Cold Sober Schools as well as many other considerations.  These rankings are based upon student responses, so you can know this is how your peers feel about their college.

Whether you are a new college student or you are considering transferring, picking out your perfect college is an individual choice, so we cannot do it for you.  Just do your research and find a place that makes you feel the most satisfied.

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