There are many scholarships available for people in industries that are experiencing a shortage of workers, such as the medical field.  In 2014 many things will stay the same such as, people who provide scholarships will want to know about an applicant’s grades, leadership, community involvement and more.  Upfront fees will continue to be requested when applying for a scholarship.  Of course there are certain changes on the way.

According to an article in US News Weekly, “That’s not to say that the scholarship world never changes. Shifts in financial aid rules, government funding, workforce demands and even the popularity of certain college majors mean that no two scholarship years are quite the same.”

Specific Majors

It is estimated that by the year 2025, the United States will be short millions of college graduates necessary for the workforce.  This has caused organizations that provide college scholarships to put more emphasis on individual majors that are needed immediately.  This means companies are providing more scholarships to train individuals for their specific industry.

Financial Issues

There are many students who are forced to drop out of college but still have to pay their college loan debt.  A study done by an organization called Public Agenda found that financial issues are what cause most students to quit college before getting their degree.  In 2014 many scholarship providers are providing support beyond a student’s first year.  More scholarships are going to be offered that support a student during their entire time in college.

Transfer Scholarships

There is a growing trend among college students to get a degree from a junior college and then transfer to a four year institution.  This is done as a way to save money.  Organizations that offer scholarships are changing to adapt to this trend.  Transfer scholarships are designed to appeal to those who want to start their college career at a junior college and graduate from a four year university.

When looking for a scholarship, just remember to do your research and find the scholarships that are best for you.

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