Tips For Students Concerning Their Unsigned And Indie Music

Finding success in the music industry takes talent, dedication and often luck.  You have to be willing to work hard and make connections with other people.  Sometimes it means you have to be willing to sing or write songs for less money than you would like as you make your way towards success.  As a college student, it may even mean taking online classes, becoming a part-time student or even halting your education to dedicate more time to your music career.  There are a few tips for artists who are unsigned or working in the indie music industry.

Live in the Right Location

If you are living in a small town, it is going to be a lot harder to get a job in the music industry.  There just are not as many singing, song writing or other music industry jobs in some cities.  According to Billboard Magazine, there are ten cities in the United States where most of the music industry jobs are concentrated.  This includes Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City and Atlanta.  Nashville, with 7.8 music industry jobs per 1,000 people, has the highest number of jobs per person.  Living in these cities gives you a better chance at finding a music related job.


The key to success in any job is networking.  Of course, in cities with a higher concentration of people in the music industry, this is easier since there are more people you can contact.  Make those you know aware of your interest in music.  Do not be afraid to approach people in the music industry whether in-person or through social media.  Also, once you have established the relationship, make sure to maintain it.  One way in which to maintain these relationships is to not just focus on your own needs, but rather see if there is any way you can help them.  Perhaps you have some insights they may find useful and in turn down the road they may be more likely to think of you when an opportunity arises.

Act Professionally

Make it clear you are serious about music through showing respect for others in the industry.  If you get rejected, handle the anger in private rather than blowing up at the person.  If you have a question, don’t call the person in the middle of the night.  Communicate in a professional manner, not in teenage “text lingo.”  You can be a little more casual with others in the industry once you get to know each other, but it’s important to start out on a professional level.

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