The Use Of The Evernote App In College

There are a lot of apps that are available to everyone these days.  However, there are some that have been singled out as must have apps for college.  After all, college students are wired to the Internet at almost all times of the day.  As such, they need some great on the go apps that they can use for their studies and more.  We have mentioned Evernote in previous blog postings, but below we go into a little more detail about a few of the features that make it great for college students.    

Taking Notes has identified some of the best apps for college students.  One of the things they were looking for were great apps on which students can take notes.  If notes are available to students on their phones, they can stay more organized. talks about Evernote this way,

‘Evernote is hands down one of the best note taking apps available, with support for tags, separate notebooks, iCloud sync and more. You can even take photos of a blackboard or syllabus and tag it accordingly for specific courses.’

In The Cloud

The college crowd generally knows the importance of the cloud these days.  It allows them to transfer data from one medium to another with ease.  In other words, data can be transferred from the phone to the computer and back again with minimal effort.  It is all stored on the particular app that you are using (in this case Evernote).

Evernote is great for syncing up data through the cloud.  It is available to the individual on the computer or on their phone, wherever they are.

Add Multimedia

Another great feature for college students is the option in Evernote to add multimedia.  It means that pictures, videos or music may be added to the note.  This can give extra meaning or context to the words that are written down.  Some love the add features that they get when they add pictures and other media to their notes.

College is tough enough so take advantage of the many tools available to help simplify your life.

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