Multiple Internship Offers: How To Deal

So you’ve applied to a few different internships, and you’ve actually received a few different offers – that’s a great thing, especially with the current state of the job market.  However, it can be quite mind-rattling if you’re just starting out and you don’t know the proper etiquette for rejecting some of those offers.  The last thing you want to do is upset someone in your new industry because there is always a chance that you may encounter them in the future.

Always remember you need to respond to every offer you get.  It is common courtesy and it lets the company extending the offer know what you intend to do about their offer.  There is no reason to go on multiple interviews for internships if you respond to each offer.  Simply respond with a gracious, “Thank you, but I have accepted an offer elsewhere” letter.

Respond to the offers with professionally written business letters, and follow up to make sure the letters were received.  Respond to the companies with the same medium in which they contacted you.  For example, if they emailed you, it’s perfectly okay to email them back to tell them you’re not interested.  If instead of an email you received a letter, send a letter back.

If you have accepted an offer and are then contacted with the offer you really wanted, keep everything professional.  Don’t ignore the internship you originally accepted.  If you land your dream internship after accepting an internship elsewhere, politely send a notice to the company that hired you originally and tell them you are no longer interested in their offer but are thankful for the opportunity.

Even a letter telling a company you are no longer interested in their internship makes you look like a professional.  You send the message that you are an open communicator and you prefer to keep others informed about your actions.  If you need an interview in the future, the companies willing to interview you for the internship will be more willing to interview you for a job.

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