For some college can be a very trying time.  They find the workload that they are suddenly faced with challenging.  Balancing school, work, and a social life can certainly be difficult for anyone just going off to college.  That is why from time to time we like to find some apps that are available to make the experience a little easier. 


It is safe to say that most parents probably wish that their child would use their apps for studying. notes a few of the great apps that can be used for exactly this purpose. They recommend this one,

STUDYBLUE is the app that’ll help you ace your next multiple-choice test. You can create digital flashcards and upload study materials to review on the computer or your smartphone. This app can even filter out the flashcards you know by heart to ensure you learn the hard ones as well.


A student who is burdened with a lot of work and stress may experience some health problems from time to time.  While virtually all universities and colleges offer health services, some students may want to know what they may be dealing with before going to health services.  An app like WebMd for their phone may be helpful. Though it doesn’t offer actual medical advice, it can point to possible causes of the symptoms that the student is facing.  Just remember to take the information with a grain of salt as your symptoms will look like a lot of things you don’t really have.  Your best bet will always be to consult a physician.


Students who are college bound are often facing the realities of managing their own finances for the first time in their life.  Having mobile banking apps on their phone can help them to have greater access to their banking information and thus maybe they will pay greater attention to it and stay on top of it.  Check with your bank to see if they offer any such apps for your convenience.

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