How Disabled University Students Can Use Technology

One of the things that many students in university have to deal with is overcoming a disability to use technology.  Many students who make it to university do not at first realize the special accommodations for which they may have to ask.  It is important to think about such things and prepare for the challenges that may come with being a student with disabilities who needs to use technology.

Video/Audio Issues

The University of Louisville has published a list of suggestions for making technology access for students with disabilities better.  On their website, the university suggests,

Some instructors show videos in class or post videos or podcasts on Blackboard for their students.  When a student is deaf, it is essential that the video or podcast be captioned so that the student will be able to know what is being discussed.

Being deaf should not be a hurdle that has to be crossed in order to participate in discussions in class.

Vision Problems

One does not have to be legally blind to have difficulty with viewing some material.  They could very well just have difficulty viewing print that is too small or in a strange font.  All handouts and other material that students need to read should be formatted in such a way that all students are able to view the material they are trying to read.  If you are having difficulty with any printed material you should address it with your professor right away.  The professor should be aware of the need to enlarge the print for certain students.

Wheelchair Access

All libraries and other areas with computer access are required to have wheelchair access.  If there is ever an issue with finding wheelchair access, then this should be noted to administration or someone else in authority.  All students regardless of disability need to have access to the technology that provides us with so much in our world.

Just remember to speak up if you are having any difficulties with the accommodations.

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