Whether you are a timid freshman or a seasoned senior, staying healthy in college can be tricky.  How do you balance your fruits and veggies with those midnight munchies?  How do you manage to squeeze in gym time between your full schedule of classes?

Motivation is the key here!  And what could be better motivation than the potential to get paid?  The Pact is an app that encourages healthy habits …through bribes!

When you set up your account with Pact you have the option of participating in any or all of the following pacts:

  • Gym pact
  • Veggie pact
  • Food Log pact

Set the number of days you want to attend the gym, how many fruits and veggies you would like to consume or how many days you would like to log food, and you are on your way!  For every day that you are on track, a few dimes are added to your pocket, but beware because each missed day costs $5.

Yes, the penalty far outweighs the reward, but come on!  You’re making money for doing nothing more than staying healthy, plus the threat of losing five bucks is just enough to keep you from straying.

Not only is this a great way to stay on track with your diet and exercise goals, it is a fun way to understand and change your habits.  You can even make a game out of it by inviting your friends and seeing who earns the most by the end of the semester.

With all the money you will eventually save up, you can splurge on that new, better-fitting outfit!

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