3 Things Not To Miss During Your College Years

Some people find their college years to be formative, others simply use them as a stepping stone to that six-figure career, but everyone can agree that college has become a near-necessity in our society.  However, whether a student does or does not want to be there, college offers an amazing opportunity to learn and grow, in and out of the classroom.  There are some college experiences that are absolutely essential for every student pursuing higher education.

1. Take a Class Outside of Your Comfort Zone

If you are a Biology major, take a writing or an art course.  At least once in your college career, challenge yourself and use a different part of your brain.  Most often, those are the courses that students remember well past graduation.  What’s more they give the opportunity to branch out, meet new people and think about issues from a different perspective, and isn’t that what college is all about?

2. Study Abroad

When else will you get the opportunity to live in another country and discover a new culture on someone else’s dime?  For many students, studying abroad is a crash course in independence and self-exploration.  Traveling is one of the most enjoyable ways to feel yourself growing up.

3. Go to the Gym!

Once you are out in the real world, gym memberships are extremely expensive!  Enjoy it being part of your student fees, where you don’t notice them.  If you are not a gym rat, don’t worry, those gym fees cover a whole lot more than just treadmills and weights; try taking a dance class or swim a few laps in the pool.

College is the last time these opportunities are made easily accessible, so take advantage of them!  Years later, when you’re an extremely fit world-traveler with a book due to be published, you’ll certainly thank yourself.

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