Moving away from home and going to college is an exciting time in life.  You are rewarded with the freedom to do what you want, when you want.  It’s the freedom you’ve felt like you should have had for years and now you are being met with stuffy wet-blanket parents raining on your parade.  Someday what your parents were saying will make sense as this new-found power often comes with mistakes and regrets.  That is not to say that you shouldn’t have fun in college – far from it, you should have the most fun in college but in a way that does not jeopardize your future.

There are ways for you to be as social as possible, have as much fun as possible and to be as productive as possible.  One of the most important things for you to think about is what you actually want to do in life – not what Mom and Dad want you to do, but what do you really want to do – and to choose your major accordingly.  After you know what you want to pursue, it becomes much easier to find friends that share your same interests.  Having friends with different interests can be a slippery slope.  For instance, someone that is passionate about English may not have to study as much as someone passionate about Electrical Engineering, and therefore might have different partying habits.

Once you find friends that share your interests, or have similar study habits you can form study groups or other group activities that better fit with your main goal of education.  Doing so allows for you to be social, while simultaneously participating in activities that help you in pursuit of your goals instead of hindering them.

Thanks to the internet, being able to coordinate events with friends has never been easier so be sure to utilize whatever tools you can find to help you minimize your efforts.  As always stay tuned here for helpful hints on dealing with life in college.

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