There are a variety of unspoken social rules when it comes to college. Most people want to follow in step as much as possible in order to make sure that they don’t make any social faux pas. These days, social networking is another facet of life that people have to think about when they go to college. There are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to this particular medium of communication. 

Using Social Media To Show Interest

Those who are very career minded should consider using their social media accounts to show interest in the subjects about which they are learning. details some ways in which one may go about doing this,

A big part of what both Brand-Yourself and Syracuse talk about is making a good impression online. That doesn’t just mean smiling in your Facebook profile picture; it means showing that you’re interested in your prospective field. Post links to interesting stories. Jump into debates and conversations when it’s appropriate. Make LinkedIn connections with recruiters and internship coordinators and join alumni networks, too.

Avoid Negative Posts

We all have bad days, but constantly posting negative updates is not only annoying to those who follow you, but it can create the wrong impression for future potential employers. Employers are looking for people who are positive and who are team players. Therefore, it only makes sense to try to avoid putting up negative posts altogether. You never know who might see them down the line.

Check Yourself Out On Google 

Why would you be so egocentric as to check yourself out on Google? Simply because this is the place where most of the world will look you up. You want to know that the things that pop up when you are Googled are things that you want other people to see. If they are not, then there may be some reputation management that is called for.

Remember that with today’s technology, any social network you use is your public face and you never know who is looking at them, so always be mindful and try to put your best foot forward

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