Two Major Ways Social Networking Is Changing On Campus

Young people on college campuses are usually some of the first to adjust and adapt to new technology. They want to remain on top of things and always be into whatever the newest and latest thing is because this is how they stay connected with their friends. Social networking usage itself has changed in huge ways on campus in just the past few years. 

Facebook: The Original College Social Network

Facebook is still the world’s largest social network and still well celebrated as the first network to take on the college communities. As a matter of fact, Facebook was only available to those on college campuses in the beginning. Now of course it is available worldwide, however, Facebook may be seeing some problems with the college crowd according to They have this to say,

Young people now see the site as “uncool” and keep their profiles live purely to stay in touch with older relations, for whom it remains popular

During Facebook’s 2013 fourth quarter earnings call, even Facebook’s Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman said teen usage of the social network decreased in the last quarter.

This indeed may mean that Facebook is no longer all that it was once cracked up to be on campus.

Secondary Social Networks Are Filling The Gap

While college students may not be using Facebook nearly as much as they once did, they are moving to other social networks. These other networks include Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat.

It appears that college students are happy to adapt these newer social networks in order to connect with one another. Many have also made the argument that perhaps the students are moving to these networks in large part to get away from their parents who have now signed up for Facebook in large numbers. This is another trend in college social networking usage that should be noticed. Bottom line is that social networking is constantly changing and will continue to be shaped by the college crowd.

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