Why College Is Better When You Study Abroad

By going to college you are inevitably taking a step toward a brighter future, creating new opportunities and building an excellent network of supporters, resources and friends. So how can the college years be made even better?

Studying abroad is one of the best experiences available to college students and it is quickly becoming one of the most important as well. Here are some excellent reasons to consider spending a semester or even a year abroad.

1. You Will Be Better

Remember that time before you saw Mean Girls, or read the Giver or tried sriracha? There was a whole world of jokes and conversations out of which you were being left. Once you saw, read and tried these things you joined a community and all of a sudden you had things to say, experiences to compare and advice to share. Now imagine this on a much larger scale. Once you’ve traveled or lived abroad you are initiated into a wonderful group of people. You will have amazing stories, friends all over the world and memories that you will not want to trade for anything.

2. You Will Grow Up

There was a time you thought that turning eighteen and living in a dorm would magically make you a grown up. Well, that wasn’t necessarily true, but you’re getting there! Here’s a secret, living in another country, thousands of miles away from your family, friends and comfort zone will absolutely make you grow up. Even if everything is familiar, even if they have peanut butter and the language spoken is English, you will notice yourself changing. You will learn to handle complicated situations by yourself, you will encounter powerful feelings and figure out how to deal with them and you will see your country how others in the world see it, which can be a powerful and sobering experience. In short, you will have the makings of an adult.

3. You Will Benefit For Years to Come

Long after you’ve made your way back home, studying abroad will stay with you. When looking for internships or jobs, you will suddenly have a great new edge; employers love international experience and it will usually make you stand out among the masses. If you’ve picked up some language skills, even better, a polyglot is always impressive. If nothing else, you will have a million interesting stories, a million crazy pictures and a million exotic souvenirs.

The bottom line is that this experience will stay with you for a lifetime and college is a great time for this type of personal growth.

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