MindSumo: Giving The Traditional Resume A Run For Its Money

The resume has been a long-standing tradition of the hiring industry, but a new trend is slowly changing that. It’s called the One-Page Proposal, and it shifts the focus from potential employees’ past experience to their future prospects. This can be great news for college students, who are often left out of jobs due to lack of sufficient experience.

The basic idea of the one-page proposal is that a company presents a hypothetical – or an actual – problem, and challenges potential candidates to solve it. Candidates research the problem and create a one-page proposal that carefully outlines their solution. Companies then choose candidates based on which proposal they think would work the best.

MindSumo, geared exclusively towards college students, implements the one-page proposal method as a kind of contest. You need an .edu or .ca email address to sign up and create entries, but problems and their solutions can be viewed by anyone.

If you’re creative and willing to do the research, you can find just about anything to spark your interest: Challenges range from inventing a new condiment to mitigating food spoilage to using light manipulation in skincare. If you do win a challenge, you’ll receive a cash prize, and many companies use challenges to find new job candidates. Of course, if you are applying for a job in the traditional way, you can cite past winnings on your resume as proof of your creativity and innovation.

MindSumo’s challenges aren’t a guarantee for employment, but they do showcase the trend in hiring to place less emphasis on credentials and more on potential. For jobs that trade on ideas and innovation more than tangible products, these challenges are a great way to put your great ideas to work.

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