Social Networking: The Newest Way College Admissions Researches Students

Most people believe that their chances of getting into a college comes down to things like their SAT or ACT score. They believe that if they send in good references and show themselves to be an academically balanced individual, then they have a good shot of getting into the college they desire. While this once was the case and all of those factors do still matter, social networking is now taking on an important role in the admissions process. 

A Personality Profile

When looking to learn more about an individual, what better source do we have than their social networking profiles? This is where so many people post so much about themselves. This is clearly what college administrators are thinking based on these facts from,

In a recent survey of admissions officers at 359 colleges and universities, Kaplan Test Prep revealed that 24 percent of respondents reported using Facebook or other social networking pages to research an applicant. This is a significant increase from 2008, when only 10 percent reported using social media as a source during the admissions process.

This means that the trend to view social networking profiles is something that is catching on.

An Additional Reference

The good news for those who are worried about what it means that admission officers are looking at their Facebook is that it is still only supplemental. There aren’t full decisions being made about who should get into a college based only on their Facebook page. It is only something that is being used to consider who these students really are in the grand scheme of things.

Students May Be Unaware

Though students may be unaware that admission officers are looking at their Facebook, this may help with the results of looking at it in the first place. After all, if students all knew that their Facebook was being viewed, then they may alter their social media usage so greatly that it would not really reflect on who they are as a person.

The bottom line is that you never truly know who is checking out your profiles online so be mindful of what you post and the interactions you have with others. Those posts and interactions may just lead to that dream job one day.

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