Most college students don’t find their career office until their senior year, while frantically searching for any job that will keep them out of their parents’ house. Take note, at that point it is much too late to take advantage of everything your career office has to offer. It is never too soon to use the resources housed in this little nook of campus. Here are three important things they can do for you:

Help You Figure You Out

Most college career offices offer more than just resume and cover letter help, though this is what students primarily seek. Many schools also offer important personality testing that can help in every area of your life, including choosing a major, figuring out relationships and building useful skills. Ask your career counselors if they offer the Myers-Briggs test; this is a highly advanced personality test used by pretty much every industry and proves to be anywhere between 85-90% accurate. Then there is Skill Scan, another useful tool that allows you to narrow down just what you are good at and how to highlight your strengths.

Connect You With Others

Maybe you have been sure since Day 1 that you want to be a journalist, maybe this is what you have planned your entire life around…but the reality is probably a little different than what you pictured. You could wait to find that out when you have your first job, or you could talk to someone ahead of time and either embrace it with all your might or find an alternative for yourself. The career office can help you get in touch with alumni or other professionals working in almost any field. Networking is not only for getting jobs, it can also be a helpful way of familiarizing yourself with all your options before committing.

Any Interview, Any Time

This is kind of a given, but not something to be overlooked. Knowing how to interview well is a gift that will keep on giving. It is a skill that not only helps with bagging a job, it is also a great way of learning how to brand and represent yourself. Career offices will help you map out your “story,” they can also do a test run and see where your weaknesses are. In many cases, there are even opportunities to record yourself doing a mock interview so that you can actually see yourself fidget and be aware of what you are doing.

In short, looking for a job may be the most pressing reason to visit your Career Office, but it should not be the only one. Career counselors are just that, counselors, they can help you improve your self-awareness, develop skills that extend beyond the job search and even help you unearth some abilities you did not know you had. How cool is that?

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