Cities That Have More Colleges And Universities Rank Among Most Creative

When Boston was ranked the second most creative city in America in July, according to an article from Forbes, Darla Hanley said she knows why. The creativity is a by-product of so many colleges and universities in a concentrated area, she said. Hanley, the dean of the Professional Education Division at Berklee College of Music has certainly had plenty of creative types come through her school, including graduates John Mayer and the Dixie Chicks.

She’s also seen her share of creativity in the community, from coordinating a hack-a-thon where computer programmers helped music therapists develop technology for their patients, to performances at Boston’s many music venues. Boston is also the place where a lingerie start up recently asked students and alumni to test its product and managed to make 143 percent of its funding goal on Kickstarter.

Boston finished second only to one city in the Forbes’ rankings. That city — the most creative in America — is San Francisco. San Fran took the top spot in part because of its dedication to using online tools to promote and fund its creativity, the article noted. The city has more Bandcamp works and Kickstarter projects per capita than any of the cities studied and the second highest number of ReverbNation artists. It finished fourth in the number of Indiegogo projects.

Rounding out the top three is Nashville. Known for its country music, Nashville also has a vibrant music scene in the genres of rock, indie, and punk, Forbes reported. It has a lot of recording studios, a lot of clubs, and it is home to a lot of music professionals, as well as music programs at Belmont University and Middle Tennessee State University.

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